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I'm quite sure that if I had it all figured out my wall would be full of Nobel Prizes, awards and trophies, I would reside in a state of  enlightenment and be generally self fulfilled and unapproachable except to give my blessings...NOT!

As a lifelong student of movement, I continue to train, to struggle, to learn, to experiment, to allow myself to make mistakes.   Daily is the key...not in a class or instructional situation.  I can't imagine a life without training.

Even at rest, I am constantly pondering the recent actions.  What was critical, why did that work, why did that fall apart?

And as knowledge and the collective consciousness of the planet grows, springs and moves forward I am struck with the constant nagging in the back of my mind as I train...slow it down, let it go, less is more, deconstruct, simplify.

To borrow from da Vinci, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  

Ponder that for a while.

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