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Reflections on a Weekend Training with Alan Sensei

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For me, as Sensei of the Kusa Dojo, the most exciting part of having someone else running class is that I can be a student again.  While my Sensei’s lessons reverberate daily in my head and actions both on and off the mat, there is that part of me that just wants to train.  That “White-Belt-Wonderment” that is the infectious agent that drives class energy upward is where I like to be!

It was a real treat to host Sensei Alan Friedman this weekend at the Kusa Dojo.  Alan Sensei is my Sensei’s (Sensei Chadwick Minge) highest ranked and longest continuously training student in the Ten Chi Wa Bujutsu Kan Organization having reached the highest level of this Organization, Menkyo Kaiden.

But the real joy of this weekend is the training… and lots of it.  Alan’s quick pace and rapid expansion of ideas and principles leaves the student an accelerated heartbeat, a sense of awe and most importantly…a big smile.  Perhaps the biggest principle Alan Sensei brought to the students this weekend was a different sense of “grounding” than has been typically shown before.  Alan Sensei’s explosive ukes, strikes and kicks were “amped” through the roof with this particular method of grounding.  His explanation of methodology and repeated training exercises helped a lot of students increase the effectiveness of their ukes, strikes and kicks this weekend.

The chance to get a different and often refreshing perspective is why I try to bring in guest instructors to the Kusa Dojo on a regular basis.  Over the years we have hosted Kung Fu San Soo, Capoeira, Aikido, Muay Thai, Brazilian Ju Jutsu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Spear, Qi Gong, to name just a few.  As a Sensei, part of my role is to expose my students to other martial styles, principles and opinions as well as teaching the student our art and lineage.

Feel free to share your thoughts and observations… Join us at the Kusa Dojo and train!

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